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Churches in Action provide meals in Welkom to the homeless. We  already  fed  ± 500 people per day for the last three months. 

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Providing Meals

With the Country going into Level 5 Lockdown in March, many people living in our community have been left destitute with no income and no way to provide for their families.

Churches in Action got involved in providing meals to the homeless that were self-isolating at Toronto Centre. The group was blessed with more than needed and decided to broaden the assistance provided to meet the tremendous need that was identified in the community. Individuals, businesses, and churches came together. Donations included food, clothing, blankets, basic hygiene products and money.

A decision was made to supply cooked meals and not food parcels, as the latter left too much room for dishonesty. A kitchen and staff became available and the miracles started to happen. This project  feed approximately 500 people per day for the last three months. Blankets, clothing, and basic hygiene products were also supplied where needed.

Nutritious Meals

These meals are nutritious and of a remarkably high quality. Our volunteers collect the food and delivers it to every home.

We do not harm the dignity of those we serve by having them queue for hours and no picture will ever be taken of any recipients. This also enables the group to see what the circumstances in the home is and to provide pastoral care, should it be required.

Everyone on our list is screened and checked against the lists of other community projects to ensure that individuals are not receiving aid from another organisation as well.

This has been done again in the last week to ensure that those individuals that could return to work and provide for their households again could be removed. Unfortunately, lockdown has forced some companies to retrench staff, adding to the numbers.

Funds are limited and sponsors are difficult to find in the current economic situation South Africa is findings itself in, but a decision was made that we would continue providing these vulnerable individuals as long as God provides the means.

Thus far all our expenses and needs could be covered. Donations received includes venison that we could process with other red meat, vegetables and eggs and we have not needed to purchase any chicken or maizemeal. To date we have supplied just over 29 000 meals, and for this we are extremely grateful.


Donate Now

Any amount will be appreciated as you can see that R7.46 fills the stomach of a needy individual.

Tonnages Processed:


We are looking for sponsors of any kind. Any small amount will be appreciated

No room has been left for unexpected expenses. A plate of food that included a protein, starch, and vegetables at an approximate weight of 840g can be supplied at only R7.46. A sponsor for gas has been secured allowing us to remove a large costing factor.

We realised that we must be realistic in our expectations and are in the process of reducing the quantities of meals from just over 500 per day to 350. To supply 350 meals R2611.00 is needed daily. Per week R18 277.00. Our monthly budget is R79 200.33 and as mentioned before this does not include any unexpected expenses.

As you are well aware, the economy is struggling, and it is getting progressively more difficult to get donations. We are looking for sponsors of any kind. Any small amount will be appreciated as you can see that only R7.46 fills the stomach of a needy individual.

Donations can be made to a value, or a day or a weekly/monthly basis. Funds need to be secured in advance to enable us to have time prepare individuals, should we need to reduce the quantity of meals we are able to supply.

Churches in Action

We would ideally like to run the project for at least another six months.

If we could secure just 16 monthly sponsors of R5000/month then we can plan. With other sponsors coming on board, more people can be added to the project or unexpected costs can be covered. All our invoices and payments as well as figures with regards to quantity of meals provided are recorded. Everything is available for perusal by any individual that joins or donates to our project. We would prefer if the businesses and business people involved are not mentioned and neither do we want the names of the individuals receiving care made public. Their information is only shared with the churches and organizations involved to avoid misuse of the system. Meticulous records are kept. Regular meetings are held to ensure that the logistics run smoothly.

To get a PBO CERTIFICATE for your donation, the following Bank Account number can be used for any donations.

 House of Hope ABSA account number 4059569914 branch code 630135

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  • House of Hope
  • Account Number – 4059569914 
  • Branch Code – 630135
  • Ref: CIA


  • JC van Eeden cc
  • Account Number – 54231184563 
  • Branch Code – 230635
  • Ref: CIA

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