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Advertise with Welkom`s largest social active audience.

Advertise with the Goldfields largest online community offering you both social media and native (Promoted Content) website advertising.


We can connect your brand to one of the largest local audiences with our social media channels and web presence.

Our audience has a uniquely local lifestyle and since the start of our Facebook Page Welkom City Stad in 2015 we encourage active social participation on our social media pages.

Our audience may have different reasons for following Welkom City Stad Facebook Page, but what connects them is the spirit of community. Local content is king with our readers always wanting to know more.

To help you successfully reach our unique audience Welkom City Stad Facebook Page offers a wide-ranging commercial portfolio; from sponsored content (native advertising), to targeted banner ads and much more.


Our audience is unlike any other. From humble beginnings in 2015, we now have around 35 000 loyal community members, as well as over 50 000 hits per month on Circle City Info.

Audience Breakdown

  • 65% of our members are woman.
  • 35% of our Members are men.

Our readers are highly engaged

  • 1000+ people have signed up for our newsletters.
  • 1000+ followers on Telegram.
  • 50,000+ readers per month.
Welkom City Stad Aggregated demographic data
Welkom City Stad Aggregated Demographic Data

95% of our community trust Welkom City Stad Facebook Page as their leading news source.

Advertising Options

Native advertising is the most effective way of reaching our audience in a non-intrusive way, brought to them by a source they trust.

Native advertising

In a nutshell, native advertising is much like sponsored content but with the unique tone & feel of Welkom City Stad`s Facebook Page.

You will collaborate with our team who will help you get your message to resonate with our readers in a tone of voice that they know and trust.

Native advertising: A simple process

1. Ideation

We will work with you to find the best angle & format for your message.

2. Creation

Our team will create the content, publish it on our sites and promote it through our social media channels.

3. Optimisation

Our experienced team will analyse & optimise continually to drive the response you need.

Banners, video and interactive solutions

To enhance your campaign or increase the longevity of your products and services exposure, your marketing teams can consider:

  • Tactical banner advertising
  • Targeted social media
  • Branded video

Download our Advertising Rate Card Below.

Placing content with Welkom City Stad`s Facebook Page and Circle City Info means working with the best of the best in local news. Our writers are superbly skilled at understanding the goals of each content piece. A smooth process, responsive staff, and high-quality traffic to our site – definitely a worthwhile investment for your business.

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