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Enough is enough – Matjhabeng ratepayers revolt

The residents of Matjhabeng have had enough of poor service delivery, potholes, streaming sewage, burst water pipes, no water, no refuse removal, no streetlights and general mayhem and chaos

A group of concerned residents has come together through WhatsApp and Facebook to form the Matjhabeng Peaceful Protest Against Poor Service Delivery movement. What started with one WhatsApp group has now grown to incorporate two groups, and the number of disgruntled residents grows daily.

It is a multi-cultural forum where residents can voice their grievances. The movement initially started with the Flamingo Park resident’s forum and has now expanded to include all of the cities suburbs and neighborhoods in Matjhabeng.

“The group has been created to see how many residents of Matjhabeng are willing to go the extra mile, to add their voice and signatures to the non-political petition – and, when the day comes, to join the peaceful protest.“


This is an ongoing event, with no start or end in sight. We shall protest until our voices are heard and our grievances are addressed,” said CJ Weideman, convener of the group.

“We, the residents, have had enough of the multitude of service delivery problems and we feel overwhelmed.“Disgruntled residents are welcome to join the cause.“We must bring an end to water, sewage, refuse removal and pothole issues, and everything else that is bothersome.

This is a multi-cultural, peaceful protest for everyone.”Because of strict disaster management regulations, residents will be invited to sign a virtual petition that will be delivered to the Matjhabeng municipal manager, and then if nothing comes from this the conveners of the group will take the protest to Parliament.

“Businesses, schools, and communities are welcome to join. There will also be virtual protest actions, where residents can take a photo of themselves with protest posters and post it on Facebook,” said Weideman. The protests include the whole Matjhabeng and neighboring towns.

For more information or to join, contact CJ Weideman via WhatsApp on 082-717-9777.

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