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Finally! You can now tip car guards, petrol attendants WITHOUT using cash

You dig in your pocket, confident there’s R10 in there, only to find you’ve left the note in your OTHER jeans.

For all the car guards, petrol attendants, and those we have wronged before - 'Tipped' is here, to ensure South Africans can tip in a cash-free manner.

We’ve all been there: You want to thank a car guard, a petrol attendant, or someone who deserves that extra bit of recognition with a fair financial reward. You dig in your pocket, confident there’s R10 in there, only to find you’ve left the note in your OTHER jeans. Then, you then have to suffer the indignity of failing to tip someone who’s served you diligently.


Well, all that fumbling and awkwardness could soon be a thing of the past in South Africa – thanks to the introduction of Tipped. The cash-free service allows citizens to make online payments to service industry workers, thanks to a quick and easy system. According to the brains behind the tech, their app will ‘create a greater income’ for thousands of people:

“In the hyperconnected world that we live in today, we’re constantly driven and challenged by technological developments, and thus we need to ensure that we stay up to date with these advancements in order to uplift our communities.” “Tipped is a digital tipping solution, backed off advancements in technology to support a gap in the market by bracing a social responsibility for a cashless and contact-free environment, to yield a greater income for those in the tipping industry.”


When an individual working in a relevant industry – such as a car guard, a petrol attendant, security personnel, or even hotel staff – sign up to TiPPED, they receive their own My-iMali digital wallet and a unique QR code. The person who has received a service, the ‘tipper’, can then scan that code with their phone, to digitally send someone an amount in cash.

There are no transaction fees for the person paying, and the instant payments are done in a completely contactless manner. What’s more, the worker receiving a tip can use this app to pay directly for electricity, purchase airtime, or transfer money to their main bank account. It promises to revolutionise the informal service industry.


Just point your phone’s camera towards the individual’s physical copy of their QR Code, follow the directions at the top of your screen, select the amount you want to add-on, and then press pay. It’s so simple! Another convenient aspect about Tipped is that you don’t need a specific app. You can use any of these banking tools (which already have QR readers):

  • – Capitec
  • – FNB Pay
  • – Absa
  • – Nedbank Pay
  • – RMB Pay
  • – Vodapay
  • – Standard Bank
  • – Spot
  • – Zapper
  • – QR Junction (my-iMali)

REMEMBER: Tipping is always optional

by Tom Head

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