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Fourways resident goes viral after ‘vacationing’ at sinkhole [photos]

A Fourways resident, who previously did a spoof of 'My Octopus Teacher', was seen vacationing in his very own 'oasis' over the festive holidays.

Over the festive season, a resident in Fourways in Johannesburg decided to take his vacation in his own hands by taking a swim in a sinkhole/pothole outside of his house. The sinkhole, which quickly went viral, has now been dubbed the Fourways Beach.



According to Good Things Guy, the resident, who previously did a spoof of My Octopus Teacher, was seen with his pink flamingo, and his tub of HTH which definitely brought the festive cheer and laughs back to Fourways. The new method of “vacationing” comes after lockdown regulations on various beaches and lakes over South Africa were implemented by the government earlier in December.

“The idea is really to make light and fun of a dire situation,” the publication reports, “bringing the spotlight onto Joburg’s failing infrastructure that is as old as 40 years and hasn’t been maintained properly in over 20 years old.”

A South African has made light of current lockdown restrictions where beaches, rivers and dams are prohibited, and a...

Posted by Paul Tilly on Wednesday, December 30, 2020


The resident, who is only known to the public as the ‘Sinkhole Teacher’, previously also found the funny side of having to deal with a sinkhole earlier in November 2020. The hilarious video that was shared to Twitter was inspired by the Netflix original documentary, My Octopus Teacher, which chronicles the year-long relationship between a man and an octopus. 

It was further reported that the Fourways ‘Sinkhole Teacher’ pledged to take a photo by a different water burst each day to put the spotlight on Joburg’s decaying water system, decaying municipalities and infrastructure due to mismanagement over the years, greed and corruption in the city.


His view is that in 20 years, the poor remain poor and will have it harder now with all the infrastructure that has been not maintained over the years.

Of course, South Africans love the idea.

“Skinny dipping in a natural pool is so good for the soul,” said one Facebook user.

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