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Good news! Lay’s SA confirms salt & vinegar flavour is back

After a year of no Lay’s salt & vinegar chips, the flavour has made its return.

Fans of Lay’s South Africa’s Salt & Vinegar chips were left shocked in February 2020, when the company announced it was discontinuing the flavour, but now, exactly a year later, there is some good news.

Lay’s SA has been hinting the last few days of the return of salt & vinegar is coming soon. Responding cheekily to tweets from customers enquiring when salt & vinegar is coming back, Lay’s SA said some dreams do come true.

South African consumers can now breathe a sigh of relief, Lay’s SA officially confirmed on Friday on their Twitter account.

The flavour was replaced by the sweet and smoky American BBQ flavour.

People shared their thoughts on the news, even posting pictures that show the flavour is already back in stores.

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