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How to Follow a Post on Facebook (Without Commenting on it)

IF you use Facebook, you would normally be joining a post discussion by commenting on it and Facebook will alert you on the latest comment back at that particular post that you participated commenting.

However, if you are interested to follow a post without the need to comment on it, you can always turn on notifications for it. Here we show you how to follow a post on Facebook without commenting on it.


  1. INTERESTING TOPICS – Sometimes you have an interesting post shown in your timeline and it would be good to follow it to see comments and conversation evolving from that post that you can follow
  2. REVISIT POST – If you do not turn on the notification for the post, the post might drown by other newsfeeds in your timeline. By following the post with notifications, you can revisit the post whenever you have the time and read on all the new comments that the post has received.

So, if you are interested to learn how to follow a post on Facebook using notification, here are the steps:-

Step 1

 At the post that you want to follow on Facebook, tap on the three-dot icon above here

Step 2

A pop-up menu will be shown.

Tap at “Turn on notifications for this post”

Step 3

 Each time if there is a new comment to the post you are following, a notification will show up here.

Tap at the bell icon here to see the latest update to the post

Step 4

Tap here to see the new comment to the post you are following

So, there you have it – Simple steps on how you can follow a post on Facebook without commenting on it. Please leave us a comment below on what type of post you normally follow on Facebook.

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