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“I forgot my baby on the trunk of the car” – woman shares terrifying story

A woman shared a harrowing story about how she once forgot her newborn baby on the trunk of her car.

This could actually happen to anyone. We’ve read countless stories about parents forgetting their children in the car and most of us never think that this could actually happen to us. 

A mom-of-three never thought that this sort of thing could actually happen to her until it did. In a post on Facebook, Jacalyn Wetzel recalled the day she placed her newborn baby’s car seat on the boot of her car while she buckled her then two-year-old into another car seat. 

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Wetzel explained that she was under a lot of stress at the time, she had recently become a single parent and her routine had changed. After getting her two older children in the car and was about to drive off, Wetzel’s then seven-year-old daughter cautiously reminded her that the new baby was not in the car. When she looked back into the spot where her newborn was supposed to be, she was horrified to find that it was indeed empty!

Read the entire story below:

The post serves as a reminder to many to be kind to one another and to be less judgemental when a parent forgets their child – because it could happen to you. 

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