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Individual who travelled from India to SA tests positive for Covid-19

An individual, who travelled from India to South Africa, has examined positive for the Covid-19 virus.
  • An individual, who travelled from India to SA, has examined positive for Covid-19.
  • The affected person was initially handled at Kingsway Hospital in Durban and has since been transferred to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital.
  • Covid-19 contact tracing groups are at present attempting to find all of his contacts.

An individual, who travelled from India to South Africa, has examined positive for the Covid-19 virus.

However, well being groups are nonetheless testing whether or not the individual has been contaminated with the virus variant at present spreading in India.

“Covid-19 case numbers currently remain extremely low in our hospitals. We can, however, confirm that one patient who had recently travelled from India was treated in isolation for Covid-19 at a hospital in KwaZulu-Natal.

“We stay vigilant in sustaining strict security precautions in our services and apply an abundance of warning in treating all sufferers,” said Dr Caroline Maslo, senior clinical advisor and head of infection control of Netcare’s hospital division.

According to a source in the Covid-19 Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) the individual was seen at Kingsway Hospital in Durban and then transferred to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital.

“He is positive – the one factor excellent is gene sequencing for the India variant of Covid-19. India’s variant is barely completely different as a result of it has a triple mutation, which is why it’s most likely spreading so quick over there,” the committee insider said.

He added that gene sequencing could take up to a week.

“The Covid-19 tracing groups are attempting to hint his contacts in the intervening time.”

The source added that many in the MAC were pushing for stricter border protocols in SA.

“Our principal drawback is our borders. We are pushing for authorities to shut the airports. Our borders are so porous.”

He said SA presently allowed people with negative tests into the country.

“We are pushing for obligatory 14 days quarantining upon touchdown. If you come from one other nation, we aren’t keen on your piece of paper, we wish to guarantee you might be damaging to defend others in our society.”

India, one of the most populated countries on the planet, has reported over 3 000 deaths in one day, the highest ever in a day, taking the country to 215 000 deaths overall.

They also recorded just under 400 000 infections, bringing the total number of cases past 19.5 million.

NICD on India

According to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), they were following the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in India, particularly the different variants, including the B.1.617 coronavirus variant.

“The establishment has super empathy for the dire scenario that’s unfolding in India and would really like to reassure the South African public that we’re maintaining a detailed eye on developments,” said Professor Adrian Puren, the NICD’s Acting Executive Director.

To date the B.1.617 variant has not been detected in South Africa and any suspected cases will be investigated, he said.

“Testing of Covid-19 positive samples from travellers coming into South Africa from India and their shut contacts will probably be prioritised,” Dr Michelle Groome, Head of the Division of Public Health Surveillance and Response at the NICD said.

She said this would enable the NICD to detect the B.1.617 and any other variants, “… in a well timed method”.

The mutation of viruses is a natural occurrence in the life-cycle of any virus, evident with the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 501Y.V2 lineage in South Africa in October 2020, Puren said.

Although viral mutations are unavoidable, adherence to non-pharmaceutical interventions have proven to greatly lessen transmission of the disease, he added.

“South Africans are reminded to put on their masks, wash their fingers with cleaning soap and water or to use hand sanitiser, and to hold a bodily distance of at the least 1.5 m from others. Social actions and small gatherings ought to happen outdoor, if potential, or in well-ventilated areas with open home windows and doorways, as correct air flow performs an necessary function in decreasing the unfold,” he stated.

The National Department of Health didn’t reply to News 24’s request for remark. Their remark will probably be added as soon as acquired.

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