Circle City Info

Thank you for submitting your Service Delivery Complaint on Circle City Info, while you are here you can also sign our petition against poor service delivery by clicking on the image above.

What Next:

  • This is a community driven platform to help the community of Matjhabeng to register and track service delivery complaints. We update the Map daily to place new complaints received and remove resolved service delivery issues.
  • WE DO NOT guarantee that your complaint/issue will be resolved.
  • We have sourced the best people to send complaints to at Matjhabeng Municipality as well as opposition parties and several other involved community organizations.
  • The moment you submit you’re complaint these persons are notified about it and they will attend.
  • This platform also makes it visible to other community organizations to track community issues and service delivery complaints.
  • We will communicate progress directly to you, you can also join us on the following platforms to stay updated:


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