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Mom issues warning after baby chokes on dummy

A mom has issued a warning regarding the use of pacifiers after her child choked on one.

A mom shared her horrifying story on Facebook, warning other moms to take caution if their child uses a pacifier. 

The mom says that she had just put her baby to sleep when she heard strange sounds coming from the nursery. She went to check on the little one to find her choking on a piece of her pacifier. While she managed to take the detached teat out of the baby’s throat, she felt the need to warn other parents about the dangers of the item. 

The unidentified woman says that the dummy was still fairly new and did not appear to have any bites or chewing marks on it. We shudder to think what could have happened if she didn’t rescue the baby in time…

Other similar incidents relating to children choking on pacifiers have been reported over the years, with some children losing their lives

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