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My Metro My Mangaung Service Delivery Report System

This MAP will help the residents of the Mangaung Metro (The city of Bloemfontein & Surrounding towns ) to report service delivery problems. We do not guarantee that your problem will be resolved as a result of your listing. It is merely a platform to draw attention to our Metro’s problems and to make Mangaung Municipality, opposition parties, and other organizations aware of our problems. Also, note that this is a community-driven project, there might be a delay in reporting problems before they are listed here.
To report a Service Delivery problem complete the Form at the bottom of the Page, be as precise as possible.

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The City of Bloemfontein & surrounding towns

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Report your service delivery problems here.

Please Complete One Problem per Entry – If you have more than one problem the forms allow up to 3 problems. Please use the correct address for each complaint.

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