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New Facebook tool shows you where to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company would launch a campaign to bring 50 million people closer to getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

As part of this, Facebook has developed a tool that will show users where and when they can get vaccinated.

This tool will be located in Facebook’s COVID-19 Information Centre, which currently provides details on the pandemic as provided by official government and health authorities.

To facilitate this, Facebook has partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital and its website

This will allow the tool to show the hours of operation of vaccination sites, their contact information, and links to vaccination appointments.

It will be available in 71 languages and obtainable via the COVID-19 Information Centre.

Connecting through different platforms

In addition, it is taking the COVID-19 information Centre to Instagram, where it will be prominently featured.

Instagram will release new stickers on Instagram stories designed to inspire others to get vaccinated.

Furthermore, Facebook is partnering with health authorities and governments to expand their WhatsApp chatbots to help people register for vaccines.

According to the same Facebook post, over 3 million messages related to COVID-19 have already been sent by governments, non-profits, and organisations to citizens through official WhatsApp chatbots.

Finally, Facebook has dedicated itself to promoting reliable information about COVID-19 vaccines.

As such, it has extended the list of false claims it will remove and will continue to include discredited information about the virus and vaccine.

With the announcement of their latest policy, Facebook and Instagram have claimed they have removed more than 2 million false content pieces.

To combat COVID-19 misinformation, Facebook and Instagram posts discussing the vaccine will now have labels with credible facts from the World Health Organisation.

Consequently, more information will be accessible, which will give users the context they need to make better choices about what to post.

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