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Our Beloved Kiki and the Incredible Welkom Community

There are no words to try and even explain how my daughter and I have been enveloped in support, caring, and loyal Welkom people, most of those who we have never met us.

Our beloved Kiki went missing around 5 am on 5 December 2020.  She was en route with our other French Bulldog, Archie, for the December holidays to the Western Cape.  They stopped at the Shell Garage in Tempest Street Welkom to refuel, take both dogs out to stretch their legs, have some food and water, and of course for a wee.

Kiki took fright when some people were walking towards her and literally twisted and spun herself out of her collar.  She took off and managed to get through a hole in the fence that led to the vast grass area behind the garage.  Kiki could not be caught and literally vanished out of sight.  After many people running after her and her disappearance,  the driver immediately went to the SPCA to report to them what had happened.

He returned back to the garage, where he continued looking for Kiki until I got there from Johannesburg.   My son and I left Johannesburg straight away to get to Welkom.  We spent the day in Welkom, tracing Kiki’s steps and going further into the bush.  We left Welkom after 7 when it became dark to return to Johannesburg.  I took both my boys to the Western Cape on Sunday and got straight into the car and drove back to Welkom with my daughter where we based ourselves to look for Kiki. 

My daughter had in the meantime set up a social media platform putting out Kiki’s loss, being in touch with Maureen Nel (SPCA), Thalita Cloete, and Robyn Jamieson being our go to people.  Our time in Welkom consisted of walking search parties, horse-back searching, and vehicle searches.  Our base was from the SPCA.  Flyers were printed and handed out by all of us.  We were fortunate to have a drone for a couple of hours to find Kiki and we tapped into whatever resources we could. 

We left Welkom at the end of the week with heavy hearts but were so grateful to have the support of the Welkom Community.  In the days and weeks to follow our “loyal finding Kiki Team” were hard at work following every lead, working with “mapping” from animal communicators, and looking for Kiki on weekends and public holidays.   We were fortunate enough to put a helicopter into the air to look for Kiki for the morning but still nothing.  More flyers printed and distributed and tapping into our network of friends, business associates, and anyone who had contacts in Welkom

We are now 8 weeks later and with some disturbing false leads, we still have nothing to work on.  It has been a very stressful time for our family and a tough 8 weeks but we will never give up on our Kiki.

On that note, there are no words to try and even explain how my daughter and I have been enveloped in support, caring, and loyal Welkom people, most of those who we have never met us. It has absolutely blown us away. The incredible love that comes through daily on our messages from those who have heard about Kiki, or are looking for Kiki, is simply incredible!! You encourage us daily to never give up.

Kiki’s disappearance has been shared far and wide and a special “Thank You” goes out to the following people:

  • Gold FM Radio Station
  • Vista News Paper
  • Francois Schutte (Mbogo Game Services)

If only Kiki knew how famous she actually is!.  I always used to joke with her that she was my movie star!

Lastly, we would like to make a special mention to Thalita Cloete, Robyn Jamieson, and Maureen Nel from the SPCA, your dedication to us in helping find Kiki knows no boundaries.  You have been available to help with every lead, telephone call, Whatsapp messages.  You have spent hours looking for Kiki, driven endless kilometers, and been at the end of every emotional call.  You are the kindest, most beautiful, and generous people we have ever met… I always say, out of something so terrible as this, you have to look for the positive and that positive is all of you. 

Mandy Rey

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