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Prepaid electricity usage explained by energy expert

Why am I getting less units when I buy prepaid electricity?

Prepaid meters are able to count the flow of electricity used in KWH. The meter balance decreases as the consumer uses electricity, and there is an LED light on the meter that flashes as electricity is consumed. The faster the light flashes, the more units are being used.

If you have received a different number of units for the same amount purchased in the same calendar month, the reason is the steep tariff that municipalities use.

However, is it different from household to household? 

Martin Bester spoke to energy expert Ted Blom about prepaid electricity.  

“You’re not the only one. The reason why you cannot change a supplier is that your service provider owns the lines at your house. Whoever you’re stuck with, is who you are going to have to stay with.” 

What is the right amount to buy? If you are using more than 1000 kwh and you’re a family of four (two adults and two children) then there is a problem. You shouldn’t pay more than R1100 a month. 

What time of the month is the best time to buy?

You need to buy your units on the 1st of the month, Blom advises.

We hope you get more units for your money this holiday period.

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