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Rachel Kolisi told to wear more make-up to look “professional”

"I think girls who wake up and don’t put make up on are beautiful too!" says Rachel after being told to wear more make-up for a campaign.

Rachel Kolisi‘s fans are applauding her for speaking out against unrealistic beauty standards in the entertainment industry. 

The 29-year-old, who is married to Springbok captain Siya Kolisi, told her nearly 300,000 followers that she decided not to be part of a campaign because of a comment about her looks. 

“I recently pulled myself off a campaign because the brand requested ‘I have a more professional look and wear make-up’,” she wrote.

Rachel added that there is nothing wrong with wearing make-up, but women without it are beautiful as well. 

“I think girls who get up and spend time putting make-up on are beautiful! I think girls who wake up and don’t put make-up on are beautiful too!

“In a world where, a lot of people are trying to be something they’re not, be you. We need more of that.”

Celebrities speak out

Rachel is not the only star who has received a weird request from campaign bosses. 

Roxy Burger told Rachel that one contract stipulated that she couldn’t gain any weight. 

“Good for you. I had a clause in a contract recently that said they can terminate if I had ‘any noticeable weight gain’. Let’s say my response was less than polite.”

Sue Duminy revealed that a brand once told her that her content was too “creepy”. 

“I once had feedback from a big well-known brand and described my content as ‘Creepy’ … oh how much fun we could have if we had to name and shame the businesses,” she commented.

Unathi thanked Rachel for her honesty.

“Thank you for this post Rach’ it’s getting out of hand to say the least.” 

Rachel keeps it real

Rachel is not afraid to keep it real on social media. While many are trying to fake a “perfect” life for Instagram, she often shares the challenges of being a mom-of-two and her weight loss struggles.

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