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Service Delivery Petition – Matjhabeng Municipality



The Matjhabeng Community has had enough of service delivery problems. The latest water cutoff left the whole community without water for more than 4 days in an area with a high Covid-19 infection rate as well as the over the festive season. We are asking for public participation of the community to submit a request to Parliament for intervention in Matjhabeng.

Baahi ba Matjhabeng babile le mathata alekaneng mabapi editshebeletso, Motlakase, Potholes le Metsi. Ho kgaolwa ha phepelo ya Metsi, kgetlong lena hoile hasiya baahi basena phepelo ya Metsi matsatsi amane, sebakeng seo honang lenyoloho ekgolo ya Covid-19. Rekopa setjhaba honka karolo hokenya kopo Palamenteng hokena dipakeng.

Section 56 (d) and 69 (d) of the Constitution provides for the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces to receive petitions, representations or submissions from any interested persons or institutions.

A petition is a formal request to Parliament for intervention in a matter. It can take the form of either a request for assistance with a specific issue or for the redress of a grievance.

Basic services in Matjhabeng have deteriorated to such an extent that the health and safety of residents and their livelihoods are threatened. We call on the Minister of local government to investigate why a once-thriving city has fallen into disrepair and filth.

1) Constant electrical outages caused by lack of maintenance, illegal connections, and incorrect or unlawful disconnections.

2) Extended electrical outages that are caused by a lack of non-payment to Eskom.

3) Water outages caused by lack of maintenance, management of reservoir levels, and incorrect or illegal cutoffs as well as the non-payment of Sedibeng Water.

4) Burst Water pipes caused by a lack of maintenance of the pipes and pressure control valves.

5) Broken streetlights caused by lack of maintenance and nonpayment to contractors.

6) Irregular refuse collection caused by the lack of plant equipment and appointment of ill-equipped contractors.

7) Non-maintenance of the road infrastructure in Matjhabeng.

Ditshebeletso tsa bohlokwa kahara Matjhabeng ditlasa kgatello hoo ebileng bophelo le polokeho ya setjhaba lemaphelo abona aleng tlokotsing. Rekopa minister wa local government afuputse hore kehobaneng teropo ekileng yatswela pele,ewele ebile editshila.

1) Howa kgafetsa ha motlakase kabaka lahosebe lethlokomelo, ho hokela hoseng molaong.

2) Ho eketseha hahokgaolwa ha motlakase, kabaka lahose patalwe Eskom.

3) Ho kgaolwa ha phepelo ya Metsi kabaka lahose tsotelle, matamo atlisang metsi, lehose lefwe Sedibeng.

4) Ho thubeha hadi pipe tsa Metsi kabaka lahose kgathalle, leho lokisa di pressure control valves.

5) Mabone a strateng arobehileng kabaka lahose kgathalle, le hose patalwe hadi kontraka.

6) Hose phutwe hamatlakala.

7) Hose lokiswe haditsela Matjhabeng.

For too long, Matjhabeng Municipality has been neglected. We, the residents, call on the Municipality to be accountable, deliver better services, and maintain and upgrade the infrastructure in our community.

Kenako etelele Masepala wa Matjhabeng othlohetswe.Rele baahi rebatla Matjhabeng etlise ditshebeletso tse betere, balokise hape bantlafatse disebediswa setjhabeng.

A clean, safe community with reliable water and electricity is our right/Hohlweka,Polokeho, Metsi le Motlakase ke tokelo yarona.


This petition will be submitted to Parliament via the correct channels also we will use these Signatures and Petition to make a mass appeal to Cart Blanch to expose our Municipality on National Television.

Petition ena retlo eromella Palamenteng, kamecha enepahetseng, Retlo sebedisa di signature tsena hape hore rekope Cart Blanch, hohlaisa bohlaswa ba Masepala warona ho National Television.

In order for this petition to be valid, we need all the details below, if you leave out any information your signature cannot be counted. 

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