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Social security agency assures that SASSA/SAPO cards will be valid after 31 March

Social security agency assures that SASSA/SAPO cards will be valid after 31 March

The news will be a relief to card holders who may have been misled by unverified social media claims, which the Agency referred to as “misinformation.”

The SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) has refuted social media claims that SASSA-SAPO cards will expire on 31 March, 2021.


“These claims are not true. The SASSA Cards will NOT stop working on 31 March 2021.”

And while the Agency acknowledged that the cards will have to be replaced as indicated by a SA Reserve Bank report, “there is no set date by which time this must be done” and information on the card replacement date will be made public in due course.

“Grant recipients have the right to choose their payment method. For those using SA Post Office, nothing forces them to change to bank accounts and they will still be able to use their SASSA-SAPO cards after 31 March.”


  • Older person’s grants will be paid from 3 February, 2021, including any grants linked to these accounts.
  • Disability grants will be paid from 4 February, 2021, including any grants linked to these accounts.
  • All other grants will be paid from 5 February, 2021.

The Agency said it is important to note that the R350 social relief of distress (SRD) grant has no fixed payment dates because beneficiaries receive SMS notifications informing them when funds are ready for collection.


The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, which supports over six million people, is set to lapse at the end of January 2021.


There is uncertainty as to whether or not it will be extended.

Last weekend, the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) Lekgotla urged the government to consider extending the grant.

In his closing address to party members, President Cyril Ramaphosa said, “The Lekgotla has agreed that, in the context of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we need to consider the extension of basic income relief to unemployed people who do not receive any other form of state assistance.”


“This will depend on the state of public finances and there should be a clear exit strategy if we embark on this initiative.”

The Cabinet Lekgotla convenes this weekend and it’s expected that a possible extension of the SRD grant will feature high on the agenda.

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