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Watch Cry, the beloved country Ramaphosa fights tears during address

At the end of a horrendous year, Cyril Ramaphosa struggled to hold back the tears on Monday night. His address left many of us feeling the same way...

A visibly emotional Cyril Ramaphosa wore his heart on his sleeve on Monday evening, after he pleaded with the nation to comply with COVID-19 health protocols. His address, which confirmed that South Africa would be placed under Level 3 restrictions until at least 15 January 2021, seemingly put the head of state on the verge of tears.



Ramaphosa lamented the ‘complacency’ that has helped drive the latest strain of COVID-19. He placed the blame on rising infections at the feet of super-spreader parties, people not wearing masks, and a string of large gatherings. The president reacted to the immense pressure that’s now being placed on hospitals by pulling alcohol from the shelves again.

SA’s third booze ban of lockdown is also supported by a longer curfew, a complete ban on gatherings, and the closure of all beaches in hot-spot areas. Seemingly, the weight of these restrictions took its toll on President Ramaphosa.



“The sooner we understand that it could very well be us in that ambulance speeding by, or us in that hospital bed, or us being buried at that funeral, the sooner we come to the reality of what we are facing right now. If we did not understand it before, we should now see just how quickly a situation can change for the worse.” “The new year is upon us. Our children will soon be going back to school. Places of learning will reopen so we can resume our studies. We will want to get back to work, to earning, and to looking for work. We want life to resume. We all have plans, hopes, and dreams for 2021. Perhaps the greatest of them all is the simplest.” “We wish for the new year to bring better health, stability, and prosperity for ourselves and our families. We want it to be better than the year that has passed, and that was filled with such hardship. This can become our common reality if we return to the spirit of solidarity that we have displayed throughout 2020. We can and will defeat this pandemic.”

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