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WATCH: Golf ball-sized hailstones hit PMB

Pietermaritzburg and surrounds have been hit by a hail storm.

WATCH: Golf ball-sized hailstones hit PMB

Pietermaritzburg and surrounds have been hit by a hail storm.

Residents have been sharing photos and videos – showing hailstones the size of an egg, and in some cases a tennis ball.

Aslam Mahomed from Northdale says he was driving home from work when hailstones the size of his palm started hitting his car.

“It was raining and then all of a sudden hailstones the size of golf balls. My car was damaged. It was bad, that storm was bad, terrible.  The only thing we could do was take cover. I had to find the closest cover that I could find to save my car from getting damaged any further.”

Cheyenne Govender says she was at her home in Manor Town when the storm hit.

“It looked like it was snowing and when we peaked outside, the grass was filled with hailstones. It was quite scary and shocking. Where we are which is Manor CBD it was literally the size of a gold ball and I had to run outside because my car was parked outside.”

The South African Weather Service had issued a warning for severe thunderstorms with possible damaging winds, hail and excessive lightning over most parts of KZN this afternoon.

Forecaster, Thandiwe Gumede says other parts are also experiencing downpours at the moment…

“Over Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas, as well as over the south-eastern parts of the province including area’s like Harding, to the south coast,like Margate, Port Edward. They are already storms there and they have already started. 

The one over Pietermaritzburg as well. 

“I am noting that yes it had already started and it was accompanied by some heavy downpour.The severe thunderstorms will continue throughout the evening, particularly for the northern parts of KZN, we are expecting the thunderstorms to continue even into the early parts of tomorrow morning.”

KZN Cogta MEC, Sipho Hlomuka has called for vigilance and urged residents to keep safe.

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