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WATCH: Hijacker abandons mission after children pummel him with questions

An army trainee hijacked a bus full of children and quickly regretted his decision.

The former army trainee was escaping boot camp by hijacking a bus full of children and has tried to escape custody twice since his arrest.

Jovan Collazo, 23, is facing 24 charges for holding a bus driver at gunpoint with 18 kids on board. According to reports, Collazo left Fort Jackson on May 6 with an army-issued rifle and tried to flag down traffic from the side of the road before he got on the bus at a stop picking up children. 

After jumping on the bus, he pointed the rifle at the driver and ordered him to drive, soon after, Collazo realised that the bus was packed with children. He then moved the children to the front of the bus so he could keep an eye on them but he was not anticipating the barrage of questions that followed. 

Sharing details about the hijacking, the bus driver relayed the scene and some of the questions the children asked;

“They asked him, ‘Why are you doing this?’ He never did have an answer for this one.

They also asked if he was going to hurt them, to which he replied, ‘No.’

They asked, ‘Are you going to hurt our bus driver?’ He said, ‘No. I’m going to put you off the bus,’” Corbin told good morning America.

“He sensed more questions coming, and I guess something clicked in his mind, and he said, ‘Enough is enough already,’ and he told me to ‘Stop the bus, and just get off’,” Corbin continued. 

Watch the short clip from the incident below.

Image Credit: iStock 

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