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Watch: Mother nature is hard at work in Gauteng on Friday 20 November 2020

Mother nature is hard at work in Gauteng on Friday 20 November 2020. While there have been warnings of a storm, nobody quite expected a petrol station to collapse

Mother nature is hard at work in Gauteng on Friday 20 November 2020.

After a torrid 2020, the last thing businesses need is something like this. On Friday, rain came crashing through the roof of this Vereeniging store in Gauteng.

Gauteng has been pummelled by freak weather conditions on Friday, after a cloud burst dumped an unholy amount of rain on regions in the south of the province. Vereeniging was worst-affected, and a local garage roof has collapsed onto several cars this afternoon. Meanwhile, other local businesses have been dealt another crushing blow by regional flooding.

One store in Three Rivers saw the rain burst through the ceiling and cascade down on them indoors. After lengthy shutdowns due to COVID-19 and subsequent virus restrictions, this nightmare scenario couldn’t have played out at a worse time. Staff were left to dodge the deluge as it poured through the light fightings above:


Early estimates claim that up to 50mm of water fell in just 30 minutes. Entire car parks have been flooded, and some areas of Gauteng were left submerged on Friday afternoon. Rainwater stood inches off the ground in Vereeniging, and despite the storm passing, it would seem that the damage inflicted is likely to be long-lasting.

Several flurries of hail have also battered areas in the Vaal. The punishing conditions made driving extremely hazardous. Many residential homes and properties are also feeling the full force of these storms, with infrastructure damage piling-up across Gauteng.

This bizarre weather comes just days after a tornado ripped through Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. Indeed, South Africa has been at the complete mercy of the elements this week – and they’ve shown no sign of letting up:


The severe storm, strong winds and heavy rainfall have led to the collapse of a Vereeniging petrol station, leaving vehicles partly smashed.

Gauteng Weather, on Friday, tweeted that the Global petrol station in Vereeniging caved in due to severe weather conditions. 

While the roof giving way was not caught on camera, the after-effects are in plain sight. A bus, as well as, a taxi can be seen stuck halfway up in the air due to the impact. 

On Thursday Gauteng Weather announced that The South African Weather Service (Saws) issued a weather warning for Gauteng, indicating the medium likelihood of severe thunderstorms. It said localised flooding, heavy rain and poor driving conditions would likely ensue late on Friday.

On Friday afternoon, around 14:00, it said there were reports of infrastructure damage in Vereeniging due to a storm with damaging winds, heavy downpours and hail. Gauteng Weather also reported severe flooding at Midvaal Hospital in Three Rivers saying there were multiple reports of areas underwater.

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