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Welkom – Keep your Address Details updated with the CPF and Neighborhood watch.

The Welkom Community Policing Forum and Neighborhood Watch Program is requesting residents to make sure that the Welkom CPF and Neighborhood Watch have your correct details.

Welkom Residents, make sure the Community Policing Forum have your correct personal information.

Correct information leads to the better functioning of the Neighborhood Watch Programme, it has also come to our attention that several residents have moved around in Welkom and Riebeeckstad and have not updated their details with the CPF Control Room.

The CPF is requesting residents to update their records i.e., Name & Surname, Address and Contact Details that is on record with them. Residents can simply complete the form below .

Your information is safe with us please read the websites Privacy Policy to update you with the terms and conditions of the usage of this website. Neither Welkom City Stad/Circle City Info or the Welkom Community Policing Forum will spam you or sell your information.

Your details will be captured in an encrypted secure database and you will receive crime tips and information via Email, your mobile number will be added to our Push Notifications Database which will enable us to broadcast notifications to your mobile phone.

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